Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Archangel
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased
Rank Archangel
Attribute Light


Items God's Key
Occupation Fallen Angel
Affiliation God
Webtoon Chapter 178

Uriel is 1 of the 4 Archangels created by God, and is charged with overseeing the Purgatory. He is also a Fallen Angel.

Appearance Edit

He appears as a handsome, tall angel with short red-ginger hair and side-swept bangs with orange eyes. He dons a red noble-style high collar golden line shirt with high collar overcoat with golden line at the wrist that is lapsed with golden belt, white pants and white shoes.

When in flight, his wings appear as a light aura at his back.

Personality Edit

As an archangel, he is calm, collective and seems to get along with other archangels. As a fallen angel, he has sadistic demeanor towards Michael after revealing his true nature. Uriel is deceptive, deceiving God after Lucifer's death, at the hand of Michael, for a long time.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He is one of the four Archangels making him one of the strongest beings in existence. He is seen utilizing the higher element of light with the basic element fire to create holy fire.

He is seen generating two small bright fireball that capable of knocking down two demons guarding the Pluto's fake hideout. Despite being a fallen angel, he still capable of weilding God's Item such as Gram - Holy Sword and God's Key.

Uriel hold the power over fire and the sun. He can use it to create a destructive blast that destroyed Raphael's earth arms with ease. Saying that the sun's power is what controls the world.

Erosion of the Sun: Uriel is capable of creating a dark circle behind him that resembles a solar eclipse, symbolizing his power over the sun.

Image Edit