Also Known as Supreme Witch
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Witch
Title Supreme Witch
Current Status Deceased
Rank Upper Class Witch
Relatives Liselot (Daughter)

Haelia was the former Supreme Witch of the Witch clan of the Underworld.


Haelia had the appearance of middle aged woman in her fifties, and often seen with a serious expression on her face. Her long purple hair is often seen tied into a loose bun, with a two long locks framing her thin face, which was partially covered by a lock of hair as a fringe. She was often seen wearing a long sweeping, black robe bound a the waist by a black ribbon while wearing a white collared blouse inside.

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the Supreme Witch, she possess tremendous powers as a witch. But recently she attained an even higher form of power, "Black Magic" by combining herself to that of a demon. She can easily dispel any and all attacks by the top level Spirit Medium just with a single spell. She can also conjure a spell named "Curses" and can control anybody to do her will.

She has been seen calling an underworld monster to do her bidding in fighting Mephistopheles, the monster was strong enough to force Mephisto into his Secondary Form. And even in that form she was somewhat of a match for the Fighting Archdevil Mephisto, restraining the use of his arms by using the condensed strength of the earth to pull them down.


Supreme Witch's Black Magic Spell "Curses"

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