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Arc 1: The Contract Start: Chapter 1 Finish: Chapter 17

Arc 2: Journey To Hell Start: Chapter 18 Finish: 

Chapter Guide

Chapter Number Release Date Overview
Chapter 1 4/01/12

Shi-Hun Discovers Mephistopheles or Mephisto and is forced to keep the Archdevil Company 

Characters Introduced: Cha Shi-Hun,       Cha Su-In, Mephistopheles

Chapter 2 Shi-Hun reads Mephisto the story of him and Faust on the rooftop they met on along with other stories and discuss what the underworld is like.
Chapter 3 Mephisto hides from the Azraels and explains to Shi-Hun how he has killed hundreds of them before and why he is so obsessed with Faust
Chapter 4 Shi-Hun gripes about how weak he is and teaches Mephisto some aspects of the human world
Chapter 5 Shi-Hun loses to Mephisto's finger in a casual fight and Mephisto's smoke accidentally sets fire to Shi-Hun
Chapter 6  The fire dissipates because of a talisman. Mephisto reveals that he once met Shi-Hun's parents in the underworld because of their connection to a very powerful being
Chapter 7 Turns out the talisman was put on Shi-Hun by his parents soon after his birth. Su-In explains that their parents died after protecting them from a being stronger than any devil

Characters Introduced: Faust

Chapter 8 Faust, aka Lucian Dia, reveals himself and Mephisto brings him to Shi-Hun
Chapter 9 Faust explains to Mephisto and Shi-hun how he stayed hidden under Mephisto's mark and how he remembered his past life and time in the underworld as it came to him in dreams. Mephisto and Faust form the second contract with Shi-Hun as the new witness
Chapter 10 The contract between Faust and Mephisto is finalized after convincing Faust that Shi-Hun is suitable as the witness however the beam of light that is created from the newly formed contract attracts the attention of 2 Azraels
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13 After Shi-Hun explains everything to Su-In, she demands that she become a second witness to protect Shi-Hun
Chapter 14 Shi-Hun feels stronger than before and the four compare powers
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Chapter 23
Chapter 24 The boat runs out of space and the four have to split into pairs of two. Shi-Hun and Faust get on the boat and Su-In is left with Mephisto.
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Chapter 48 Everyone gets separated in the forest, Mephisto finds the Trap Shaman, and one of the hunters attacks Su-In
Chapter 49 Su-In defeats the hunter and starts to search for everyone else while another hunter plans on poisoning Faust
Chapter 50 Faust defeats the poison-wielding hunter and Mephisto waits for Nigul instead of fighting the Trap Shaman
Chapter 51 Nigul arrives in search of Mephisto and the other hunters are no match for Cherub (while Shi-Hun does nothing)
Chapter 52 Nigul and Cherub cross paths and fight
Chapter 53 Nigul literally crushes Cherub and turns his attention towards Shi-Hun
Chapter 54 Shi-Hun stalls time by using his 3rd fist on Nigul, but when Nigul is about to strike back, Mephisto appears
Chapter 55 Mephisto and Nigul leave the forest to fight in an open space and Faust and Su-In begin their fight with the Shaman
Chapter 56 Faust uses his God's Papyrus to create an even larger maze than the forest to trap the soul hunters while Mpehisto and Nigul start their fight
Chapter 57 Su-In, Shi-Hun, Cherub, and Faust watch the battle and observe as Mephisto morphs into an adult form and gives Nigul 3 chances to survive
Chapter 58 Mephisto is disappointed by Nigul and kills him, proclaiming that Faust and Shi-Hun are more interesting
Chapter 59  Mephisto changes back to his child form, Michael comes to arrest the soul hunters, the souls are rescued (but the perverted one stays with Su-In), and Cherub leaves with Michael
Chapter 60 Michael explains the case over Shi-Hun's missing parents
Chapter 61 The four go through the trial for the 267th gateway
Chapter 62 Airen, a witch, meets the four and asks Mephisto to help heal the Supreme Witch
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