Vital Statistics
Age 500+
Species Witch
Gender Female
Title Supreme Witch
Rank Head Witch (previously)
Supreme Witch
Attribute Curse
Items Potions
Occupation Supreme Witch
Affiliation Witch

Shiole was a witch and also the Chairman of the witches council. She later became the Supreme Witch.



Shiole came up as young beautiful looking female, with long light purple hair, purple eyes and a beautiful smile. It would appear that she hasn't aged much in the past 300 years.


In her youth, 300 years ago, she was a very kind and light hearted person with great love for all living being, especially her clan of witches. She wasn't always at the top of her class in all activities but she was chosen to be the Chairman of the Witch's Council because of her kindness and compassion which she continues to exhume even to this today.


She is the head of the anti-demon faction in the clan and rallies against the collaboration with the demons.

She was also influential in forming a coalition with the Angels, that govern the Underworld, to secure the safety of the witch's clan.


Her powers yet are unknown but she is thought to be exceptional. Curses Spell

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