Cartel wiki-Ratner
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Angel
Gender Male
Rank Fallen Angel
Attribute Unknown
Occupation Investigator
Affiliation Demons

Ratner is the first known fallen angel in the Soul Cartel series


Ratner is a slim and tall man with pale skin. He has mid-length black hair that ends at the bottom of his neck with a bang on the left side of his face covering his left eyebrow and stopping just before the actual eye. He has dark brown eyes that are most commonly seen with a depressed look giving them a slanted and narrow feel. He wears a white suit like most other azraels/angels with a dark tan dress shirt and a silver tie.


His personality is currently unknown


Ratner was the partner to angel detective Cain who turned out to be Ratner himself thus being the one that was assigned the case of Su-in Cha and Shi-Hun Cha's parents Jin-Woo Cha and Min-Ha Oh. He is also the main reason that Shi-Hun Cha's group went to the 1st Demon city.


He was last seen strapped to a table with his hair grayed and his eyes wide open and his pupils dilated being administered a drug by Milon and other Nesk demon scientists.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ratner powers and abilities are currently unknown but he is strong enough to be trusted by the angels to investigate a large scale case and possibly put up a fight with Su-In Cha and Shi-Hun Cha's parents.

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