Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Archangel
Gender Male
Title The Flightless Archangel of the Earth
Rank Archangel
Attribute Light


Items God's Armor
Occupation God


Affiliation God
Webtoon Chapter 178

Raphael is 1 of the 4 Archangels created by God, and is charged with overseeing Heaven.

Appearance Edit

He appears as a handsome angel with blue hair and blue eyes.

Personality Edit

He is shown have a love of art. In battle, he can be impatient.

Power and Abilities Edit

He is one of the four Archangel, making him one of the strongest beings in existence. He also affinity to the higher attribute-Light. He is seen capable of manipulate the earth element.

Raphael can control  the earth around him for a number of effects. The most common of which is shaping the ground into numerous arms for defensive and offensive purposes. These arms are capable to stoping meteors that if they hit would created massive explosion and shocks that would have been felt in the human world. However to use this power, he is unable to fly.

Stone Statue of Atlas: Atlas is the combat avatar used by Raphael. It boost great power and durability. Additional Atlas is the bases of the witches magic Ancient Golem which was demonstrated by the former supreme witch.

Item of God - God's Armor: By wearing this armor allow Raphael return the same damage inficted on him to the attacker.

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