Cartel wiki-Rabokan
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Demon
Gender Male
Title Nesk Company Executive Board Member
Rank Executive
Attribute Fire
Items None
Occupation Nesk Company Employee
Affiliation Nesk

Rabokan is first seen with Alkareos and after Mephisto and Shi-Hun dodge his attack he deems them worthy adversaries.

Appearance Edit

Rabokan is a burly dark-skinned man with very narrow eyes and pupils. He has light gray slicked back hair and on parts of his Torso, Face and Arms are covered in Lava/Magma and pitch black areas that divide these areas from the regular skin. In between his left ear and eye are two strands of this lava-like skin ending at his mid jawline. The backside of his hand and top part of his forearm are also covered with this lava-type skin as well as the lower portion of his back. He is first seen without a shirt and wearing black leather combat pants with black leather combat boots with black leather bands wrapping around his calves.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Rabokan is first seen launching projectile made of lava as they entered the Nesk company elevator. Rabokan having been deemed an executive member of Nesk is believed to have considerable strength.