Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Demon
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased
Attribute Fire

Nigul was an exceptionally powerful demon, and an apprentice of Gilgath. 300 years before the main story, he battled Mephistopheles and survived. He was killed in battle by the same Archdevil in their second battle.

Appearance Edit

Nigul was an extremely tall and muscular man with light brown skin and long greyish-brown hair. He had a very thin Five O'clock shadow and was first seen with wearing a cloak that covered his entire body, which was destroyed in the battle with Cherub, revealing only a pair tattered dark blue pants. He wore white bandages wrapped around his hand to the end of his forearms and also around his ankles and feet.

Personality Edit

He was shown to be a very ruthless and battle-driven individual, who do not care for another's life as seen when he thoughtlessly killed several demons who did not know of Mephistopheles' whereabouts and nearly killed Cherub and Shi-Hun for the same reason. He was also shown to be overconfident of skills as stated by Gilgath, his mentor, which eventually lead to his demise.

History Edit

He once had a battle with Mephisto and lived which he became highly respected for. He trained for 100 years and on his return he was seen easily beating the Head Angel Cherub along with seemingly slightly overpowering Mephisto in his smaller form but was easily taken out by Mephisto's true form. After Gilgath his master learns of his death Gilgath says that if he continued training under him for another 500 years he may be able to match Mephisto in battle.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nigul was an exceptionally powerful demon who possessed an extraordinary amount of talent that Mephistopheles and Gilgath saw, resulting in the former to spare his life so as to allow Nigul to develop and train, in hopes of battling him at his full potential.

Nigul can control and move his muscles around completely calling this ability Force Escalation. Using this ability he creates the attack called Titan Arm and can advance this ability further making it Great Titan Arm. He is seen using his fire attribute and creating intense friction in his muscles making his attack enveloped in flames calling this move Ignition.