Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Azrael
Gender Male
Title Head Angel Luteno
Rank Head Angel
Attribute Water

Luteno is a Head Angel presiding over the 6th Azrael Base. He was first introduced in Chapter 94 facing off Archdevil Beelzebub when he attacked the base.

Appearance Edit

Luteno appears as a young man in his early twenties, with thick mousy hair that falls unkempt around his head, nearly covering his pair of bright lime green eyes. He dons the typical Azrael white blazer unbuttoned over a beige collared shirt left unbuttoned at the neck, and white pants and beige shoes.

Personality Edit

Luteno is shown to be a determined and protective figure as he fought relentlessly against Beelzebub despite the obvious differences in strength between them in order to buy time for his fellow Azrael to get to safety. He is also shown to be extremely hardworking as despite being the student who took the longest in Azrael history to graduate from the Academy, he never gave up (though at the encouragement of Michael), and eventually became an Azrael of great skill, surpassing that of pure Angels and attaining the rank of Head Angel.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Head Angel, Luteno's skill and abilities as an Azrael surpasses many of his kind, thus highlighting his strength. He was able to surpass the skills of pure angels and attain his rank despite taking the longest in Azrael history to graduate.

  • Water Manipulation: Luteno is able to use his affinity with the attribute of water to create several shards of ice which he can employ directly as a weapon or use them as medium to channel his powers to invoke various skills

    Frozen Jade Cascade

    • Frozen Jade Cascade: Luteno materializes several ice shards which he launches at the opponent, strikingly them in quick succession from varying angles repeatedly.

Barrier Tower of Ice

  • Barrier Tower of Ice: Luteno materializes six ice shards which fly out in different directions from him, surrounding an object in a hexagonal formation. He then activates the spell, forming a barrier a hexagonal pillar from the hexagon formed from the ice shards. This spell was strong enough to nullify a single Dark Cyclone launched by Beelzebub.

    Unnamed Shield Spell

  • Unnamed Shield Spell: Luteno forms a hexagon in front of him using six ice shards to form a hexagonal shield to deflect enemies' attacks.

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