Cartel wiki-Lucifer's Shadow
Also Known as The First Fallen Angel
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Fallen Angel
Gender Male
Title The Devil
Current Status Deceased
Attribute Unknown
Affiliation Fallen Angels, Angels, Archdevils
Webtoon 189

Lucifer was a former Archangel that fell from Grace and became the very first Fallen Angel and enacted war on God himself. When Gram the Holy Sword slayed Lucifer he was split up into 4 Parts thus creating the Archdevils Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Mastema and Astaroth.

Appearance Edit

In Uriel's flashback, he appeared as an angel with long black hair. He donned a high-collar long black coat which length was up to his feet, a pair of black pants layed beneathed the coat and a pair of black boots.

Powers and Likely immensely powerful. Edit