Vital Statistics
Age Unknown (Decreased)
Species Witch
Gender Female
Rank Upper Class Witch
Relatives Supreme Witch (Mother)

Liselot was an Upper Class Witch who conspired with the Demons to obtain power to rule the witches. She is also known to be the daughter of the former Supreme Witch, Haelia.

Appearance Edit

Liselot has the appearance of a young woman in her twenties, with eyes similar to that of her mother's, sharp and narrow, though without the creases of age the older witch possess. Her purple hair was kept short above her shoulder line, with her left side tucked behind her ear.

Personality Edit

Liselot was ruthless and without compassion, as noted by Inea, which resulted in her, despite her tremendous skill and talent as a witch, was not able to attain the position of Chairman of the Witch's council. She was capable and willing to kill anyone who got in her, even fellow witches, as means to achieve her goals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the daughter of the Supreme Witch, Liselot possess great magic talent and ability, consistently maintaining the top of her cohort during her days as an apprentice alongside Inea and Shiole. She was also noted to be able to wield and utilise a sword to cause injury to Inea without much trouble.

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