Cartel wiki-Inea
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Species Witch
Title Librarian
Rank Upper Class Witch
Occupation Librarian of Anclouse
Affiliation Witches

Inea was the Librarian for the witches and one of the 13 witches on the Council of Witches. Her study was to absolutely protect the witches from harm from anything in the outside world.


Inea is a slim tall woman with the defining characteristics of a witch being purple hair and purple eyes. Her hair is down with one long braid on either side of her face. She wears thin rounded glasses and a long purple cape that covers her upper torso and arms with 4 yellowish gold lines all coming from the left shoulder then moving to the right side of the cape. Underneath the cape is a burgundy robe with a white belt and she also wears black stockings to cover up her legs.


Inea seems stubborn and carefree most of the time with while Airen was not with her the library was an absolute mess but this is not all the time with her being very serious when need be. She looked after Airen as if her own child and Chaiman Shiole was a very good friend of hers.


Every now and then 10 witches risk their lives to create new ones seeing as witches can only be female this is how they reproduce. Inea was unable to reproduce and so far is the only known witch unable to. During the days in the academy her and Liselot were the top two students. She knew Airen's actual mother who was her senior. In the vote to let the Demons and the Witches relationship grow exponentially Inea kept to her duties and stayed in the library but she sent in her vote to make it 6-6 and thus the proposal was shot down. Liselot and three other demons attacked the library and killed her but in the time she was there she survived only to keep making food for Airen who was in the other room trapped in a closet. She created a new type of spell to keep her enemies trapped inside the library.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Inea is not only an upper-class Witch but one of the 13 Witches on the council and graduated number 2 in her days at the academy making her a possible even match for Liselot under fair terms. Her being the librarian means she has access to the largest amount of knowledge and spells in the underworld. She is seen using the spell Fridgid Arrows to save Airen from a spell on a book and is smart and powerful enough to create a new type of spell namely White Magic: Void of Closure which took the strongest of witches 3 months to destroy and Inea still had enough magic power to keep Airen alive by sending her food and water.

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