Cartel wiki-Karatuba
Also Known as None
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Demon
Gender Male
Title Commander Of the Kal Knights,

Demon Beast Tamer

Rank Commander
Attribute Unknown
Affiliation Demons, Nesk, Kal Knights

Karatuba is the first contender in the 7th round of the Colisseum Challenge 

Appearance Edit

Karatuba is a tall well toned man with dark tan skin  and long black hair. He has multiple tattoos covering his body. He has narrow eyes and black pupils and his seen wearing black leather pants and black combat boots.


It is said but Cherub and Heros that Karatuba has ended many underworld tribes and caused a vast amount of havoc on the 3rd floor of hell.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Karatuba is what is known as a Demon Beasts Tamer and has the ability to control any Demon Beast that touches his hand through a short binding ritual that places a control unit inside their left eye. Each Demon Beast controlled by Karatuba appears as a tattoo on his body. As far as we know he has a Crimson Flame Phoenix, Dual Black Snakes and a Flashing Blue Beast.