Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Human (Formerly)


Gender Male
Title Pluto
Current Status Deceased
Attribute Unknown
Affiliation Demons
Webtoon Chapter 177

Kalnas, also known as Lan, is a member of the vampire race that disguised himself as a demon and infiltrated the demons organization "Pluto". He is also the one responsible for the extinction of the vampire race.

Appearance Edit

To be added.

History Edit

When he was a human, he heard tale of the vampires. However, prior to his arrival at the Underworld, he was killed by an unknown demon named Kalnas, seen his will to become a vampire Kalnas took possesion of his body for later plan. He came to the Underworld to see them with his own eyes and hoped to gain entry to their clan by kneeling in front of the vampire's castle for 10 years. After that, he was accepted and was turned into a vampire by drinking their blood.

He then became a butler to Xerheart (truthfully named Cheshua) and as time passed they became the closest of friends. Later on, Kalnas in Lan's body became greedy for power after seeing the blood sword, he stole the leader of the vampires' sword and massacred the entire vampire clan, leaving him the sole member of the extinct race. However, unbeknownst to him Valtje the leader of the vampires, along with his younger brother Cheshua had both survived by becoming demons. Both of them spent 800 years searching for their body parts being sold in the demon market in order to reclaim their bodies. They succeeded and later confronted him to get revenge for the destruction of their clan and to reclaim the lost sword of Valtje.

Personality Edit

He is a calculous and power-hungry being who sought use the human body to gain the vampire trust.

Power and Abilities Edit

As a vampire, he has the power to manipulate blood into constructs and strong weapons for combat. He also currently holds the sword of Valtje making him an extremely powerful vampire and a force to be reckoned with.

Sometime after the vampire's extinction, he disguised himself as a demon, he fought and survived all 8 battles against all 8 of the Archangels and Archdevils attaining the title of "Pluto", effectively making him one of the strongest among the demons.

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