Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Demon
Items Soul Cannon
Affiliation Demon City

Kadiran is a demon introduced during the Demon City Tournament as Cha Su-In's opponent in 2nd match of the 5th round.


Kadiran appears as a large muscular male, with both forearms modified accommodate large cannon implants to allow him to fire souls stored in his body. He dons a long, dark grey sleeveless cloak that extend to his knees and covering his jawline with knee-high black boots. On his chest, he has installed two valve-like implants use to pump souls into his body. He sports tall, spiky black hair and wears a black mask that covers the bottom half of his face, leaving only his eyes.


Not much about his personality is known as after being defeated by Su-In, he hasn't appeared again the later chapters. However, he seems to be a sadistic and cruel individual for opting to use souls as a weapon and takes pleasure in seeing the despair on Su-In's face when she realises this.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike other demons who consume souls as sustenance, Kadiran's body has been modified in such a way that souls he takes into his body are stored to be used as bullets in combat. The stored souls are also conditioned in such a way that even though they are released from his body, they will still return to it as they have become "dependent" on him.


His arms modified to use souls as weapons.

Soul Cannon: By modifying his body, Kadiran is able to use the stored souls in his body as bullets through the cannon like implants on both his forearms, which possess significant destructive properties, used to inflict heavy damage on his opponents. One weakness of his cannons is that it requires some times to activate each bullet before firing, hence an opponent may use that delay to quickly take him out.

Gallery Edit


Charging up before firing a soul bullet.