Cartel wiki-Heros
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Centaur
Gender Male
Title The Trainer of Heroes
Attribute Unknown
Occupation Mentor
Affiliation Angels

Heros is part of the centaur tribe and has trained many famous greek heroes.


Heros is a tall, slim and muscular man with narrow eyes and black pupils. His hair is a dark blue color and spikes directly up. He has tan skin and there are four brown markings protruding from his jawline to his lower middle cheek (two on each side). He is most commonly seen donning a forest green robe with a bottom that matches his hair color along with a pitch black necklace, combat boots, gaunlets and cloth belt tied around his waist.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Heros is strong enough to be directly asked to train Shi-hun by Archangel Michael and Head Angel Cherub. After the six months of training Shi-hun trembles as Heros looks at him remembering the "hellish" training. Heros has proven to be quite powerful seen taking out in the time it took Cherub 2 guards taking out 3. He also managed to train Shi-Hun to the point of using after images in an extremely short amount of time. Heros is seen to become a lot more powerful and quicker using what Cherub refers to as the 'Kentauros Final Fighting Stance'

Image Gallery Edit

Cartel wiki-Heros Kentauros Final Fighting Stance

Heros in the Kentauros Final Fighting Stance

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