Cartel wiki-Gretchen
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Spirit
Human (Formerly)
Gender Female
Attribute none
Affiliation Faust
Webtoon chapter 102

Gretchen is the love interest of Faust.


Gretchen has long flowing blond hair with pale skin and blue eyes. She is seen wearing a long dress with short sleeves and the end of the dress reaches her ankles.


She was introduced to Faust by Mephistopheles and the two fell in love but her brother hated the two, Her brother challenged Mephisto to a duel unaware of the fact that he was an Archdevil because of him dressing as a musician and was stabbed accidentally by Faust when Mephisto moved Faust's hand with a sword into her brothers heart. She then forgave Faust and put her trust in god but because she couldn't be reincarnated with Faust she spent her days in Purgatory until Mastema freed her to use her to try and corrupt Faust.


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