Gram a.k.a the Holy Sword Gram, the God's Weapon, first introduced in Chapter 166, is the item of God in the possession of Archangel Michael. It is the absolute symbol of God's Objects and the first of them to be created. It was used by Michael to kill Lucifer.

Appearance Edit

Gram appears a traditional long sword, with a thin silver blade, with a rod of gold in its centre, ending in a cross near the blade tip. The hilt comprises of a cross made of gold, with a cross engraved where the hilt meets the blade. It gleams under light and is constantly shrouded in an aura of gold.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As an object of God, it has no known weaknesses and cannot be destroyed easily any means. As the weapon of God, it can cut through any material in creation, with the exception of Aegis, which was created to block it. It is known to melt the hands of a user it does not deem as its master, with Archangels, with the exception of Faust, being the only ones capable of wielding it.