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267th gateway with gatekeeper

Gateways are the gates that connect each floor to the next and vice-versa all of these gateways are created by the Archdevil Mastema to keep the Angels and Azazels from getting to 'The Master'.There are thousands of gateways placed all over the underworld.Each gateway has a Size,Gatekeeper,a Name,a Number and a Puzzle as well as a difficulty level depending on how hard it is to get through ranging from E-level being the lowest to highest which is B-level and it's unknown whether or not there is A-level or S-Level after B.

Known GatewaysEdit

Gateway 124 'Gateway That Forbids Humans':all except humans may pass freely although for a human to pass a soul must be sacrificed. Rank E

Gateway 267 '[Name Unknown]': Find the true gateway in the darkness individually and each time you enter the wrong gateway the number of options in front of you doubles.Hint:The true gateway is always by your side. Answer:The gateway is right beneath you. Rank D-

Gateway 1241 '[Name Unknown]':A test of memory Read all 10,000 books in the libary and answer the ten question quiz after the questions mostly relate to the medical fields. Rank B

Mastema's Personal Gateway: Appeared when Mastema and Faust made a contract for battle, it's abilities are not yet known but it is the largest gateway seen to date with it being mostly black with white enscriptions and patterns adorned all throughout the design.

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