Gairon 2
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Species Demon
Gender Male
Title The First Pluto
Attribute Unknown
Occupation CEO of Nesk
Affiliation Demon



Gairon is the head of the mysterious  Nesk Organization that hunts for souls in the underworld and sells them to demons as food. It is located in the 1st Demon City "Koln" in the 2nd prison district.


Gairon comes off as an elegant looking, well dressed middle-age man. He has short hairs and bright yellow eyes showing off his existence as a demon. Up untill now he is only seen wearing a suit.


His personality is still not yet well known. The only thing known is that he is a very serious man and only thinks about business. He also seems to be the mastermind behind the saga with the Witches and wants to obtain forbidden potions to sell them on the black market.


Gairon Sitting

He is also shown to have a habit for collecting weird things like eyeballs and brains. He keeps this collection in his office on display.

Gairon has on many occasions proven he is as power hungry as he is powerful. Wanting to trade the lives of Cha Su-In and Cynthia Chambers to Archangel Michael for 2 whole Azreal bases and he lets it be known that he plans to use these bases to further spread the influence of Demons as well as in time control the Human World.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the first ever demon to survive and complete Hell's Pilgrimage, and hence earn the title of "First Pluto", Gairon was an immensely powerful demon, commanding fear and respect in demons and others alike.

  • Regeneration: During his first encounter with the Archdevil Mephistopheles, he was branded by the latter and granted the ability to regenerate his body so long as his heart remains intact. As such, he capable of surviving injuries that may have otherwise killed him.
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