Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Archangel
Gender Female
Rank Archangel
Attribute Light
Items Aegis
Affiliation God
Webtoon Chapter 178

Gabriel is 1 of the 4 Archangels created by God, and is charged with overseeing the Human World

Appearance Edit

She appears as a beautiful, slim angel with long pink braid hair with the golden cult at the end, green eyes and bright pale skin. She wears an off-shoulder mermaid trend white dress with a slit, gloden line at the rim wrist, the rim shoulder and the rim waist. She also wears a pair of knee-length golden boots.

Personality Edit

She seems to get along well with other Archangel as she comments Raphael's love of art. As an archangel, she is serious, calm when facing urgent, dangerous situation such as sucessfully defend the 1st Azrael Base from Astaroth in chapter 192 and 193.

Powers and Abilities Edit

She is one of the four Archangels making her one of the strongest beings in existence. In addition, she is capible of untilizing the Light attribute along with Michael and Raphael.

In Chapter 192, she shown to have the ability to manipulate nature as she fits.

The Great Tree/The Tree of Life: By summon tree vines around Archangel Gabriel to oppress Astaroth's gateway. Also, the Tree of Life vines is durable against Astaroth's tenticles from nine hell as seen in chapter 193. She can the seed with strong-growing cabilitiy that even Astaroth can't remove it easily.

Image Gallery Edit