Vital Statistics
Age 10 months (Chapter 180)
Species Devil
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Affiliation Mephistopheles
Webtoon Chapter 176

Felix is a character introduced in chapter 176, a newborn Devil who emerged from his cocoon shortly after Mephistopheles arrived at Astaroth's residence on the 9th Floor of Hell.

Appearance Edit

Felix is a newborn Devil, with the appearance of 2-year old infant child, sporting thick light purple hair, and two small horns protruding from his head. He also has large blue eyes and two typical Devil wings on his back which he uses to fly. He is also seen wearing a one-piece dark purple robe fastened with a yellow ribbon at the neck joint.

Personality Edit

Felix is shown to be a quiet and sensitive Devil, as shown easily frightened by Astaroth and tearing up after being shouted at by Mephistopheles. He is also shown to be stubbornly attached to Mephistopheles after he chose to serve the latter, following the Archdevil wherever he went.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a newborn, his powers have not yet fully developed and he has yet to express any of his current powers, although in Chapter 177, when Mephisto attempted to forcefully leave Felix in Mastema's care, Felix was able to catch up with the escaping Archdevil despite the latter flying away at his maximum speed, shocking him.

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Birth of Felix

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