Cartel wiki-Dracula
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Title The Blood Lord
Current Status Deceased/Resurrected
Attribute Unknown
Items The Blood Sword
Affiliation Vampires
Webtoon Chapter 187

Dracula is the very first and most powerful Vampire and is able to be resurrected by the Vampires using the Blood Sword and unknown requirements which couldn't be met 800 years before the Death of Gilgath and Dracula's resurrection.

Appearance Edit

Dracula is a tall slim character with pale white skin and glistening long White hair with locks on either side of his head that flow all the way down to his ankles. His eyes are the color of Crimson blood with his nose being fairly pointed. He dons a long Black robe with pitch black lines running across the entire thing creating a leaf like pattern. He also wears 2 Golden Rings on his left middle and index finger with dark red spiked gauntlets and a crimson red scarf with a golden neckpiece that falls until his ankles and a crimson red adorned large-spiked upstanding collar. Upon his robe is a black cape with the interior being crimson red.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Seeing as he is the first vampire and stands to reason that he has all the powers of any other vampire being able to manipulate blood at will and changing it's state of matter in an instant. He defeats the Pluto Kalnas in a matter of seconds by surrounding him in a massive wave of blood forming a giant Cube called "The Room of Blood" around Kalnas and attacking him from all directions inside.

Cartel wiki-Room of Blood

Dracula using the Room of Blood to defeat Kalnas