Cartel wiki-Daeuroth
Also Known as Pluto of Lightning
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Species Demon
Gender Male
Title Pluto
Attribute Lightning
Affiliation Demons

Daeuroth was introduced in chapter 136 as he is walking down a hallway to view the next battle in the Human vs. Demon Tournament.


Daeuroth is a tall slim Demon with a basic Human looking form with Pale Skin. He has long narrow eyes with Black pupils with no light in them giving them an eerie look. He wears clear glasses with a light blue tint and a grayish metal bridge and earpiece. He has mid-length black spiky hair with the spikes pointing either to the side or downwards. He wears a pitch black Short-sleeved V-Neck T-shirt with a tall collar and the V ending a little below his collarbone. He also wears long dark blue khakis with a light blue line moving downwards from the waist and two lines one above and one below the knee circling around the pants with the line moving down ending at the line above the knee. While his hands are in his pockets they emit a bright white light.


Daeuroth seems to care only about power and is very cocky. When Mephisto and him first see each other, Daeuroth willingly starts egging Mephisto on as if he could take him any time and when Mephisto mentions the Pluto that gave his life to destroy Mephisto's first heart, Daeuroth says he knew that person for a long time but when asked didn't want revenge because the strong rule this world and he simply wasn't strong enough. He apparently has somewhat of respect for Gairon seeing as how when held back from attacking Mephisto, Daeuroth reluctantly did as he was told.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a pluto, Daeuroth is known to be an exceptionally powerful to have overcome Hell's Pilgrimage and survived. That said, he is noted to be quite strong, even amongst other plutos. He possesses the power to generate and manipulate lightning, resulting in both his hands to permanently glow with streaks of lightning shaped lines

  • Lightning Manipulation: Using his affinity with lightning, he can create a variety of effects, from offensive techniques to boosting his own speed.
    • Maximum Lightning Acceleration
    • Forked Lightning: an attack in which he used to confirm that Cha Su-In possessed Holy Water.
    • Heavenly Piercing Lightning Strike: an attack Daeuroth used to penetrate Holy Water.
    • Ten Thousand Shattering Bolts: Daeuroth creates a large surge of electrical energy above his foe in the form of a masquerade mask and causes it to crash down onto them with a movement of his finger. He create this technique, intending to kill Archangels, and was strong enough to breach Su-In's Holy Water and critically injuring her.

Daeuroth is known for his lightning speed, Cha Su-In cannot follow his movements as he moves by transforming himself into lightning. However, during a fight between Daeuroth and Mephisto, he believes that he cannot match the latter, hence activating the ability ‘Maximum Lightning Acceleration’. 

Image Gallery Edit

Cartel wiki-Daeuroth Max Lightning Acceleration

Daeuroth activating Maximum Lightning Acceleration