Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Angel
Gender Male
Title Head Angel
Current Status Alive
Rank Head Angel
Attribute Wind
Items Bo-Staff
Occupation Head Angel, Angel Investigator and assistant to Archangel Michael
Affiliation Angels

Cherub is a Head Angel. He is also part of of the Special Investigations Squad.


He have a spiky light blue hair that have a braid in the right side and a light blue eyes. He wears a white chinese-styled long-sleeved coat with grey linings, white pants, and a grey combat boots. 


He's very loyal when it come to his friends. He's also quite clever and tactical. He also seemed to be confident with his abilities and he doesn't like to be underestimated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As seen Chapter 42, When he was introduced, He showed off by moving fast and taking Faust 's necktie, Su-in Cha 's Hairband and head-locking Si-hun Cha in one go.

He is also seen to be quite good in fighting wih his quarterstaff and has been able to fight without his sense of sight which was restricted in the 'Restricted Forest' June, a Soul Hunter, made.

But even with this power, He was easily defeated by Nigul . Later on Cherub is shown to a lot more powerful taking out two Demon Kal Knights with a single move called 'Windmill' after increasing his speed and granting him flying without using wings 'Flight'. Before the battle it is also shown that Cherub has a new sensory ability by using the air currents from the Air Conditioning system in the Warehouse Cynthia and Su-In were being held, Cherub tells the floor plans, number of enemies and their locations in a matter of seconds.

Image Gallery Edit

Cartel wiki-Cherub Windmill

Cherub spinning rapidly in a circular shape creating the move 'Windmill'

Cherub (weapon)

Cherub and his weapon.

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