Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Title Ferryman Charon
Occupation Ferryman of the Acheron River

Charon is the mysterious ferryman of the Acheron River, one of the rivers of the Underworld, and serves to ferry the souls of the decreased or Humans into the Underworld.

Appearance Edit

Charon appears a tall elderly man and has a very pale complexion to his skin. He is often seen in a long, hooded cloak which covers most of his body, with exception of his hands which hold on to a long wooden paddle, and his face. He maintains a long grey beard which length reaches to the floor, and possesses two dark voids where his eyes should have been.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about his personality as he was rarely seen speaking. However, he does seem to hold some pride in his job as the ferryman, as he was seen paddling even harder after overhearing Faust praising his trustworthiness as a guide. He also appears to show concern for his passengers and go to great lengths to defend them from harm. He appears to not care for material wants, unlike what was said about him in the books, simply saying "first come first serve" to those who wish to use his services.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Not much of his abilities were shown, except for his ability to transform his paddle to monstrous sizes to be used as a weapon to bludgeon anything who attacks his boat and its passengers. He also has a significant amount of physical given he was able to swing the paddle in its larger form with great ease and surprising dexterity.  

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