Jin-woo Cha
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased
Occupation Spirit Medium
Affiliation His soul is inside Bermut
Relatives Min-ha Oh (Wife)
Cha Su-In (Daughter)
Cha Shi-Hun(Son)
Webtoon Chapter 3

He is the father of the protagonist Shi-un Cha and is currently suppost be inside the underworld somewhere.

It is thought that he and his wife sacrificed themselves to save earth from a very powerful being from the underworld. (Gabramelek)

In chapter 205, it is revealed by Min-ha Oh that he has deceased under unknown circumstances, the only thing that is left of him is his ring.

Jin-woo Cha's soul is currently inside the Pluto member (Vermute - chap 177)/(Bermut - chap 206)