Jin-woo Cha
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased
Occupation Spirit Medium
Affiliation His soul is inside Bermut
Relatives Min-ha Oh (Wife)
Cha Su-In (Daughter)
Cha Shi-Hun(Son)
Webtoon Chapter 3

He is the father of the protagonist Shi-un Cha and is currently suppost be inside the underworld somewhere.

It is thought that he and his wife sacrificed themselves to save earth from a very powerful being from the underworld. (Gabramelek)

In chapter 205, it is revealed by Min-ha Oh that he has deceased under unknown circumstances, the only thing that is left of him is his ring.

Jin-woo Cha's soul is currently inside the Pluto member (Vermute - chap 177)/(Bermut - chap 206)

Abilities Edit

While not much is known about his strength prior to his deal with Gabramelleck he was a powerful Medium given his routine trips to the underworld with Min-ha Oh, the powerful protection talisman that guarded Shinhoon against an Arch devil's attack. However, his power did skyrocket when his body was placed inside Bermut.

Under the status as a Pluto member, he was regarded as one of the strongest meins in the Underworld with him being Gabramelleck's last-ditch defense against the surrounding forces. He was given the ability of body transformation which makes him capable of replicating the powers of the other Pluto members including Giron. His overall power was so strong that he was able to overwhelm Shinoon completely even with his Transcendence of death.

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