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Witches are a race of magic wielding beings who reside in Hell. So far as seen, they comprise entirely of females, and can only reproduce via magic which involves a witch splitting her essence into two to produce a newborn witch, in a complex but dangerous process which has a high chance of the witch dying in the process. Their entire race bears similar features of violet hair and eyes


Biology Edit

As a race composed entirely of females, they require a non-biological method to reproduce. As such, every hundred years when the night's aura is at its fullest, witches who wish to reproduce use a dangerous form of magic that splits their life force into two, which failure results in the said witch's death. As such, every 3 of 10 witches who perform this magic die as a result, hence the reason why the witches are few in number. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

All witches are born with the innate ability to wield and utilise various forms of magic to aid them in different situations, be it in combat or for everyday usage. They are also known for their extensive knowledge of the Underworld and the ability to brew potions possessing powerful effects that can affect even an Archdevil.  

Society Edit

The Witch clan is lead by an individual known as the Supreme Witch, who is often an exceptionally talented witch voted into the position, who presides over the various matters pertaining to their clan and gives orders to the other witches especially when dealing with situations requiring the participation of a large number of the clan. Alongside the Supreme Witch, the Clan is also run by a Council of Upperclass Witches who at times come together to vote on matters pertaining to matters involving the clan. The Council is managed by a single Chairman who in the absence of the Supreme Witch, rules in her place. Among the witches, they are given ranks according to their magic knowledge and ability, with Lower Class Witches (i.e. Airen) and Upper Class Witches (i.e. Inea, Violine, Shiole).   

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