The Underworld is another dimension that exists alongside the Human World, and where spiritual beings reside and where spirits of the deceased from the Human World pass into. As described by Mephistopheles, the Underworld landscape is ever-changing, as such, even being who have lived in the Underworld for since nearly the creation of the world, do not fully know and understand the Underworld completely, hence making it a dangerous place for the weak and earning it the name "Eternal Hell". It is separated into 3 main sections, namely Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, with each section having 9 floors.

The Underworld being explained with the top to bottom as follows: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell

Heaven Edit



Not much is known about Heaven, as it was not shown much in the manga, except that Archangel Raphael oversees it, and also where God and angels reside in.

Purgatory Edit

This is where spirits enter to overcome numberous of trials and tribulations to gain two types of body: human or azrael.

Hell Edit

Where most of the manhwa's story takes places in and also where demons, witches and devils reside in. To guard the "Master of Archdevils", Archdevil Mastema placed multiple gateways between each floor of Hell to prevent beings, especially Angels, from traversing the floors of Hell easily and reaching the "Master". It is also known that Archangel Michael presides of this section of the Underworld.

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