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Demons unlike Humans and Azraels are souls who inhabit illegally manufactured bodies or Crafted Bodies. Demons need souls as their source of food and if there is no souls that they can eat then they resort to eating each other. This is the 'hell' they have created for themselves and the only way to escape this 'hell' is to obtain and occupy a Human body.

Biology Edit

Demons are souls who were unable to complete the trials of the Purgatory and reincarnate into a perfect body bestowed by God, and as such chose to inhabit unstable and inferior, manufactured bodies. As a result, they constantly require consumption of souls to maintain their unstable bodies, or without which they will die. Originally in order to sustain themselves, the first demons consumed ambrosia instead of souls. However, due to the greater power boost soul consumption provides, the consumption of ambrosia gradually fallen out of favor, with the present day demons mostly feeding on souls. 

Demons vary in size and form as a result of mixing and matching various body parts to suit their needs. Some of these parts may not necessarily be manufactured by themselves and can also be from the body of a non-demon being, as shown by the Vampire body parts being circulated in the demon market for many years. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

As their bodies are artificially recreated by themselves, they are able to remove and replace body parts that have been damaged or modify their body in a way to suit individual preferences. As such due to versatility of body parts in a demon, individual demon abilities vary greatly, as shown by Minotaurus who has an animalistic body and has due to that obtained Animal Instinct. Also, unlike Human bodies which are perfect bodies created by God, demon bodies are created with a single attribute, hence are affect greatly by the elemental weakness and strengths of that attribute.  

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