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The five basic attributes

Attributes a.k.a elements, are present in every being in the Soul Cartel Universe. Most Underworld entities are aligned to or have an affinity with a single element, and hence have their strengths and weakness based on that element, for example demons whose artificial bodies are comprised of only one element, and hence are left completely vulnerable against the element theirs is weak against. Some individuals however, are able to utitlise more than one element through hard work and study, such as Cha Su-In.

In total there are five basic elements: Lightning, Water, Fire, Air and Earth, along with the two higher elements: Darkness and Light, that Archdevils and Archangels use respectively in conjunction with their basic element they are aligned to.

Humans, unlike creatures of the Underworld, do not have any relation to any of the elements, and thus are not wholly affected by a single one.

Basic Elements Edit

Every creature in the Underworld are aligned with one the following basic elements and are also affected by the relations between each element.

  • Lightning: Allows users to create and manipulate electricity. Often used in offense. Beings aligned with lightning are strong against Water but weak against Earth.
  • Water: Allows users to create and manipulate water. Beings aligned with water are strong against Fire but weak against Lightning.
  • Fire: Allows users to create and manipulate fire. Used primarily as an offensive tool. Beings aligned with fire are strong against Air but weak against Water.
  • Air: Allows users to create and manipulate air. Users can use it to create strong winds to repel enemies or shroud themselves with it increase their speed and strength. Beings aligned with air are strong against Earth but weak against Fire.
  • Earth: Allows users to create and manipulate earth. Beings aligned with earth are strong against Lightning but weak against Air.

Higher Elements Edit

It is shown that Archdevils and Archangels are able capable of wielding a higher elemental power in conjunction with their basic element, thereby increasing the strength and power of their techniques. Also by forming a contract, one may obtain usage of these higher elements.

  • Darkness: Used by Archdevils. Shrouds their elements in a black mist which increases the destructive power of their attacks
  • Light: Used by Archangels. Shrouds their elements in an aura of light. It shown to be able to slow down or prevent the spread of disease and parasitic creatures in a body.
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