Cartel wiki-Astaroth
Also Known as Mother of Devils
Vital Statistics
Age Ageless
Species Archdevil
Gender Female
Title Devil's Mother
Rank Archdevil
Attribute Darkness
Affiliation Devils


Relatives Mephistopheles (older brother)

Beelzebub (older brother) Mastema (older brother)

Webtoon Chapter 176

Astaroth was introduced in Chapter 176. She is the fourth and final Archdevil to be introduced and calls herself the Mother of Devils.

Appearance Edit

She appears as a tall, beautiful devil with long black hair and blunt bangs, purple eyes along with head-down silver horns grown from the temple. She wears a high-collar sleeveless plunging V-neck short black dress with a long black trench behind and a pair of black stripy wedge high-heels. In addition, she polishes the black color to her fingernails and toenails.

Personality Edit

In her first appearance in chapter 176, she is seem to have a neutral relationship with her brothers. In the event of the new devil underling's birth, she seems cheerful.

She is calm, confident and calculous being who will do everything to ensure the devil race stand on top, as shown in chapter 193, she tried to take over the Azrael 1st base - the bridge that link Hell and Purgatory, in order to reach Heaven and plant a second incubator to create more devil underling to serve her and her brothers.

However, her over-confidence tends to leave her underestimating her opponents in which case is Gabriel as she failed to foresee Gabriel planted the Great Tree seed.

Much like her brothers, Astaroth has a central desire to prolong and strength the demon race given her motherly nature to those she has created.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

She is one of the four Archdevils, making her the most powerful being in existence. In addition, she is also capable of utilizing the Darkness attribute.

In chapters 192 and 193, during her battle aganst Gabriel, she is shown controlling the tentacles of nine hells as she desires, as evidence shown at the end of thapter 192 the tentacles summoned through Mastema's infinite gateways which he gave them to her. The tentacles of nine hell are on par with Gabriel's Great tree. 

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