Cartel wiki-Alkareos
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Species Demon
Gender Male
Title Nesk Company Executive Board Member
Current Status Deceased
Rank Executive
Attribute Unknown
Items Unknown
Occupation Nesk Company Employee
Affiliation Nesk

Alkareos is first seen with Rabokan as he stands behind Rabokan watching him make the first move against Mephisto and Shi-Hun.

Appearance Edit

Alkareos is a tall slim man with pale white skin and black hair seen tied in a long ponytail. He is seen with a long dark purple robe with a large collar obstructing view of his mouth and neck. This robe has multiple Golden accents throughout it. Three on the left shoulder pointing down, three on the mid-torso pointing upwards and three pointing towards the body on the end of each sleeve. Alkareos wears a belt the same shade as the robe and on the end of the belt are two golden spearhead shapes pointing downwards.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Not much is known about Alkareos. However Alkareos having been deemed an executive member of Nesk is believed to have considerable strength.