Cartel wiki-Airen
Vital Statistics
Age 321
Species Witch
Gender Female
Title Libraian
Rank Lower-Class
Attribute Unknown
Items Potions
Occupation Librarian
Affiliation Witces
Webtoon Chapter 61

Airen is a young witch that is the current librarian.


Airen is very short and looks like a young child with the defining characteristics of a witch meaning purple hair and purple eyes her eyes are very wide and her hair is short with two large strands of it going to her shoulders and the rest ending at her neck. She wears the stereo-typical Witches hat which is burgundy as well her cape that covers most of her body and has multiple pointed edges each ending at around her knee area. Underneath her cape she wears a shirt and short skirt ending at just below her waist with the top being white with brown outline and the skirt having a white zigzag pattern at the top and the rest being brown. She wears small black shoes that end at her ankles.


She is cheerful most of the time and somewhat quirky of nature. She seems rather easy to impress and being a lower-class witch doesn't seem too dependable.


Before she turned 21 her mother who was the Librarian Inea's senior died in a war that the witches had to take part in. She volunteered to be an aide at the library hoping to find a way to bring back her mother. For awhile she helped at the library with a mother-daughter relationship with Inea and during the incident with Liselot she was taken hostage but Inea used Void of Closure to hide her in a closet and for the months Void of Closure was still up Inea kept Airen alive by sending her food and water in the next room.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Airen has access to many books due to her being the current librarian. Since she is a lower-class witch she isn't very strong and it has been quite clear that she does not have a natural affinity for magic with her being able to do only a handful of spells and her only known spell being able to make a fresh breeze. She is however the greatest potion maker of the current witches with her being able to make a potion able to take down Mephisto as well as most of the potions that the witches distribute to the public whereas the other witches have no such thing.

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